Best Shampoo for Black Hair – Add Moisture, Strength and Shine

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Black and African-American hair characteristically require additional care to maintain moisture, texture and style. The best shampoo for black combines the ability to infuse moisture, increase growth and add shine and luster.

Black hair by cellular make-up is often bound tightly.  As a result, the follicles often form tight curls making moisturization difficult.  In fact ,most customers’ and stylists’ number one complaint (and challenge) is to increase hydration.  Since hair is naturally curly, sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands in the pores has a long and winding road to travel to coat and moisturize the hair.

Sebum (hair oil) is produced by the sebaceous glands to maintain healthy hydration and to help deliver nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  If the sebaceous glands are under-active or if the natural flow of oil cannot adequately coat the follicle shaft, hair becomes weak and prone to breaking.

Additionally, styling products, straighteners and relaxers can work to strip hair of moisture.  Use of blow dryers and flat irons can also increase brittleness and cause hair to snap and split.

The best shampoo for black hair addresses the primary needs of black and African-American hair – namely increasing moisture content, improving nutrition for faster hair growth and increasing strength to reduce breaking.

There are many products on the market formulated to treat and cleanse black hair.  Those we have found most successful are those that contain Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil and Panthenol.

Emu Oil has become a very popular product for shampoos and conditioners.  Emu Oil, when used as an active ingredient, topically infuses moisture and “revives” the follicles.  It is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Commonly used in skin care products to treat burns, rash or abrasions, Emu Oil is proven to be effective at restoring hair health and improve scalp condition.

Combined with Jojoba Oil (one of the best substitutes for mineral oil, by the way) and Panthenol, a black hair shampoo addresses moisturization, increased vitamins and minerals and strengthens follicles.

For improved shine and strength, look for black hair products with LusterPlex.  LusterPlex was researched and developed specifically to increase shine and improve tensile strength.  Studies have shown LusterPlex makes hair smoother, reduces breaking and gives hair a healthy shine.

Tim Faber is president and managing partner of HealthyHairPlus – a leading hair care manufacturer and distributor. Shop HealthyHairPlus for advanced conditioners, hair vitamins and styling aids for the healthiest hair possible. Learn more about black hair care and hair products for increased shine, strength and growth.