How To Prevent Razor Bumps

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Razor bumps or Pseudofolliculitis barbae, is a facial skin condition that occurs when there is inflammatory reaction to ingrown hairs that result from shaving.

When it comes to your face, learning how to prevent razor bumps is very important for black men skin care. Black men (of African or Caribbean descent) are the most common sufferers of this complication. Knowing how to avoid this problem will improve the health of your skin.

The apearance of razor bumps on your skin is the result of ingrown hair:  When you shave your beard and the hair starts growing back, it can burrow into the skin. This occurs because black men, generally, have curly and coarse hair.

When the hair gets trapped beneath the skin, it accumulates oil and dirt, producing the infamous and annoying bumps. At this stage, bumps are easily infected and the skin gets red and painful. This condition is often called Barber’s Rash.

The Proper Technique for Preventing Razor Bumps

The best way to prevent razor bumps is by practicing the following techniques when shaving.

The main rule is:  Shave with the grain – shave in the direction the hair grow, usually downward. You can still get a close shave when you follow the direction the hair grows, and at the same time you’ll cut off any potential ingrown hairs. Resist the temptation of shaving against the grain. While as much as we men want the closest shave possible, this is not recommended, even for men who don’t have curly and coarse hair.

When you shave, use hot water to soften the skin and hairs and a good shaving cream for your type of skin. This, too, will help facial hair come off, for a closer shave, without the need of shaving against the grain.

Other Tips to Prevent Razor Bumps

    • Before shaving, clean the skin and exfoliate with a good black skin care product. This facial scrub will make shaving easier and will get you rid of dead skin cells. This also helps raise the hairs from under the skin and prevents them from growing back into the skin.
    • Apply shaving cream, foam, or soap in the opposite direction of hair growth (usually upward), moisturizing your skin as well as hair.
    • Don’t put too much pressure on the razor
    • Do not pull the skin tight when shaving.
    • Rinse your razor thoroughly after each use. Replace your blades every week or more often if necessary.
    • Shave every other day if your mate and/or job allows you to.
    • If you can, grow a beard to give some rest to your skin. Growing a beard might be the easiest way to say goodbye to razor bumps, altogether.
    • After shaving, moisturize to keep the skin healthy and avoid “hair trapping.”

By putting in practice these tips, you will have less chances of having razor bumps. There are also many skin care products that target the prevention and cure of razor bumps.

With good prevention, you can enjoy shaving again, enjoy healthier skin and, perhaps, smile more as you put your best face forward…