Ingrown Hair Treatment

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Ingrown hair is a common skin problem among black men, but common doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying. Almost anyone can have a problem with ingrown hair, but black men must deal with it more often because the nature of their beard hair tends to be both curly and coarse. And as the hair regrows, after being shaved, it can curl back towards the skin and is strong enough to penetrate the surface. And now the hair is actually growing beneath the skin. And that is when the need for a proper ingrown hair treatment is realized.

Treating Ingrown Hair

Many times, an ingrown hair “disappears and stops being a problem” on its own. This happens when the hair continues to grow until it pops out of the skin and is no longer ingrown.

For black men who only occasionally have to deal with this problem, here is a simple method to take care of ingrown hairs. Use a pair of tweezers to gently lift or pull the hair back up through the skin. It can be that simple to release the hairs from where they are trapped.

For those you that suffer constantly, a different ingrown hair treatment must be taken.

One way to treat ingrown hairs and avoid razor bumps is to employ methods for hair removal – electrolysis, hair growth inhibitors or hair removal creams. Hair removal creams or depilatories work only for a limited time. Still:

  • Hair removal creams or depilatories dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface.
  • Depilatories are inexpensive, fast, and usually painless.
  • Depilatories can be applied easily at home.
  • Depilatories are effective on most body areas including pubic hair removal, bikini lines, backs, legs and face.

Electrolysis can get rid of facial hair permanently. Of course, such treatments are more expensive. And you should contact a dermatologist who can properly assess the best course of action. And any such treatment should be carried out by a licensed professional. (NOTE:  You may have heard of laser hair removal treatments – they are less effective with people who have dark skin.)

Hair growth inhibitors prevent the hair from growing at the root, permanently. While more effective on body hair, some growth inhibitors can be applied to beards, but expect the course of treatment to take some time because of the number of hairs that beards contain.

If you suffer from ingrown hair regularly, there is a chance that such areas can get infected. A doctor may recommend the use of antiseptics to prevent infection or you may need the help of antibiotics should an infection occur.

Prevention is The Best Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown hair treatments can work very well, but it is way better to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs to begin with. Elsewhere on this site you can find more tips on how to prevent razor bumps, but this is a good place to suggest that you need to learn the proper shaving technique, and also will want to integrate some basic skin care routines into your daily life. For example, you should clean and exfoliate your face regularly to destroy the barriers that keep the hair from getting out from under the skin’s surface.

Ingrown hairs can be treated and prevented. You don’t have to live with this skin problem every day.